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About War Artists Union

At the core of every shell fragment, every piece of a tank, or missile shard lies not just the history of conflict, but the possibility of rebirth. The WAU project embodies this philosophy of transformation: from the remnants of war, art is born. From instruments of destruction, Ukrainian revival is born.

Our brand, War Artists Union, is a team of unique artists from all over Ukraine. We are united by a single vision: to repurpose instruments of destruction into expressions of beauty, peace, and hope. Through our art, we not only give a second life to these fragments ravaged by war but also showcase the resilience of the human spirit and the idea that creation can overcome destruction.

NEW ART VISION FROM DESTROYED ELEMENTS is not just our slogan; it’s our ethos, our commitment, and our challenge to the world. We believe in the power of art to transcend its environment, to change people and their thoughts, and to turn the remnants of battlefields into canvases of hope.

Join our journey where we redefine the narrative of war and demonstrate that art can be stronger than war.

Our Goals

Spreading the Message
  • Draw attention to the issues of war in Ukraine, as well as global violence and terrorism.
  • Use art to illustrate how destruction can be transformed into a symbol of rebirth and peace.
Cultural Diplomacy
  • WAU aims to enhance relations and understanding between nations and cultures, demonstrating how art unites even during the toughest times.
Creating Exclusive Artworks
  • Our artists produce unique art pieces, reflecting their individual perspectives on war, peace, and hope.
Supporting the Armed Forces (and future veterans)
  • Through the sale of art pieces, we aim to raise funds to support the army and those affected by the war, providing essential aid and assistance.
Raising Awareness
  • WAU promotes a heightened societal awareness about the devastating consequences of war and the importance of peace, addressing the impact of war on people’s lives.
Stimulating Creativity
  • We encourage artists’ creativity by offering them unique materials for work and by crafting modern Ukrainian art that represents contemporary Ukraine.
Memory and Honor
  • WAU will act as a platform to preserve memories of the war, the heroism of the soldiers, and the aftermath of conflicts through art.
Implementing Transformations
  • By creating art from destruction, we are reshaping the perception of war objects, turning them into symbols of hope and creativity.

Our team

Svitlana Bilyk
Founder and Project Leader

[email protected]

Maxym Yagan
Sales Manager

[email protected]

Sofia Savchenko
Project Curator

[email protected]

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