Delivery and Payment

The ordered goods are shipped only after 100% payment.

The Seller recommends the best ways and methods of delivery of the goods. The method of delivery of the goods is determined by the Buyer and agreed with the Seller. The cost of delivery depends on the dimensions, weight of the goods, distance, as well as the tariffs of the courier services that carry out the delivery.

The Buyer has the right to instruct the Seller to organize the delivery of the goods to the specified place. In this case, the Seller shall agree with the Buyer on the optimal ways and means of delivery of the goods, as well as the cost of such delivery.

Before sending the ordered goods, the Seller’s representative must contact the Buyer to clarify the data for shipment. The goods are sent as soon as possible.

The goods are considered sent from the moment they are transferred to the courier service for delivery.

According to the rules of the online store, all purchased goods are subject to insurance upon shipment. The buyer has the right not to insure the goods, assuming responsibility for all possible risks of damage or loss of the goods.

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