Our Works


Sergey Demchenko
sculptures from scrap metal

Kherson city

Volodymyr Balyberdin
jeweler and sculptor

Kyiv city

Roman Veligursky
metal sculptures, blacksmith

city of Rivne

Ivan Stetsiuk
furniture from cars

city of Ivano-Frankivsk

Stas Kadochnikov
glass and metal sculptures

Kyiv city


Historical Significance: Each artwork carries historical value, with all materials having a verified origin (certificate included).

Cultural Integration: Thanks to collaborations with artists from all over Ukraine, the project showcases the richness of diverse approaches and interpretations in its creations.

Exclusivity and Collectibility: Every artwork is unique and created as a one-of-a-kind piece.

Social Initiative: 15% of the gross profit is dedicated to charity and the restoration of Ukraine.

Ecological Focus: The project emphasizes the importance of reusing and recycling materials, which reduces the negative environmental impact of war.

Symbolism of Renewal: WAU underscores the possibility of rebirth after challenging events, turning the negative into the positive.

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