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Interior lamp “Predator”

By: Roman Veligursky
Price of artwork: €1 707  (excl.fees)
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Paint: author’s decor; auto-varnish. Decorative electric lamp 220V.
The sculpture is made of 5mm wire and 2mm sheet iron using the technique of forged shaping and combination of materials (iron, glass, paint and authentic military artifacts).
The image of the sculptural composition “Predator” is intended to reflect the sense of danger and threat created by the shot artifacts, arranged in an artistic image, as if the memory of danger is closed in a talisman.

Materials used to make the art object:

Shell casings from high-explosive, high-explosive-incendiary and armor-piercing 30-mm shells of the 2A42 cannon from BMP-2, BMD-2, helicopters, etc. were collected in the area of Bucha and Gostomel after the liberation of the territories, assault rifle shells, a shank from a 120-mm mortar shell, iron, bottle glass.

Dimensions: length 70 cm, width 24 cm, height 110 cm

Weight: Approx. 15 kg

Artist: Roman Veligursky

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