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From the war zone to art galleries: a joint project of WAU and the VatagaUa Foundation

From the war zone to art galleries: a joint project of WAU and the VatagaUa Foundation

Since the first day of the full-scale invasion, the VatagaUa Foundation (formerly known as the Oleksiy Chunitsky Foundation) has been assisting Ukrainian defenders and needy civilians.

Foundation staff initially traveled to the occupied territories with humanitarian aid, including provisions, medical supplies, coffee, and household appliances. Over time, they began receiving requests from Ukrainian soldiers. Despite limited resources, the foundation prioritized the Bahmut direction, conducting humanitarian missions on the frontline areas for over a year and a half.

Each foundation mission brought approximately 2 tons of humanitarian aid to the front lines, as well as food for animals affected by the war and left homeless in the combat zone.

The foundation also actively collaborated with defenders in collecting military trophies, which became very popular and contributed to fundraising. Requests for assistance from the front lines continue, and now, every time foundation staff returns, they bring several war trophies with them.

These military trophies are either auctioned off or given to artists who transform them into works of art. .

The WAU project and the VatagaUa Foundation cooperate, combining art and support for defenders. Within this unique joint initiative, talented artists use fragments of war trophies collected by the VatagaUa Foundation on the front lines to create impressive works of art. These works not only impress with their beauty but also carry significant symbolic value, showcasing the power of creativity and unwavering spirit in wartime circumstances.

The partnership between the WAU project and the VatagaUa Foundation not only enhances support for Ukrainian defenders but also underscores the importance of creative expression in times of war, offering hope and reminding us of the resilience of the Ukrainian people.

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