Sergiy Demchenko

sculptures from scrap metal

Serhiy Demchenko is a talented painter and sculptor, born in 1966 in the village of Charivne, Kherson region. His passion for art manifested itself in his childhood under the influence of his father, who sometimes painted and stamped designs on fabric. Later, at school No. 26, where Serhiy studied, his teacher noticed his abilities and suggested that he enter an art school. He entered the Children’s Art School of Kherson and received a diploma in graphic design and welding.

At that time, Serhii was experimenting and developing as an artist. It was then that he developed his unique style, and it was from that moment that he began working with metal objects and scrap metal. The main thread of this art form is to give new life to things intended for disposal. Serhiy collects parts of various mechanisms and presents them in a completely new light, making them part of something new, bigger than they are individually, something that will decorate life and make people happy.
Serhiy received his first orders for metal sculptures for the Kherson railway station, which became his calling card and attracted a stream of new orders. After the Russian invaders invaded Kherson, Serhii was forced to move to Odesa.

Now, in such a difficult time, this art allows us to “highlight” the situation from different angles, using not only ordinary details, but also broken enemy equipment that Ukrainian soldiers have won at the cost of their lives. Our task is to prevent the heroic deeds of our military from being forgotten.
This unique biography testifies to the creative development of Serhiy Demchenko and his ability to create special metal creations that are marked not only by skill, but also by a deep sense of restoration and reinterpretation of the material.

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