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War Artists Union: Art, Patriotism, and the Common Good

War Artists Union: Art, Patriotism, and the Common Good

Dear friends,

we are introducing our project, WAU, and of course, the first words should come from the founder of the project, Svitlana Bilyk (further quotes from the interview):

“I always try to do what’s right, follow the rules, and believe that if everyone works for the common good, we will live in a beautiful world.”

These words are not just a phrase but our life motto at the War Artists Union. We believe that by bringing together talented individuals and drawing inspiration from art, we can change the world for the better.

Art and Patriotism

When I contemplated my new project, I realized one simple thing:

  • It has to be art; it inspires me.

Art is our WAU tool for changing the world. It helps us transform people’s inner worlds, inspire, motivate, and support them.

Unique Product and Competitiveness

  • It must be a unique product competing only on quality metrics

We are not looking for a “cheap and cheerful” approach. Our project is based on quality, which will always be on-trend.

War and Patriotism

  • It must be related to war because no Ukrainian can ignore it.

We cannot turn a blind eye to reality. War is a part of our lives, but we seek opportunities within these trials.

Hope and Support

  • It has to inspire, instill optimism, and provide material help to Ukrainians. “War Artists Union” creates jobs, brings money into the country, and supports charitable organizations.

We are not asking for pity, but we need your support to move forward.

Transparency and Example

  • It must be a transparent business that pays all taxes and operates in accordance with the law.

We are an example for others that honesty and success can coexist.

When I understood all these aspects, I came up with the idea of the “War Artists Union”. I really like that concept of this project is a new Ukrainian art that corresponds to the present and changes the world.

Founder of the WAU Project
Svitlana Bilyk

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