Roman Veligursky

metal sculptures, blacksmith

Roman Veligursky is an outstanding artist and blacksmith, born in 1972 in Rivne, Ukraine.

1994 – Graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts, where he specialized in blacksmithing and metalworking.

For 3 years in a row from 1994 to 1996 he participated in the international blacksmithing festival “Hefaiston” in the Czech Republic and in 1996 was awarded the prize in the category of jewelry “Hefaiston 96”.

In 2001, Roman became the chief artist-designer at the Ukrburshtyn jewelry factory in Rivne and in the same year founded his own workshop – a studio for creating metal and wood sculptures.

2007 – Participated in the exhibition “OER-KRACHT” in the Netherlands with the sculpture “Charon”. This work began his conscious creative work on the creation of forged sculptures, sketches of these sculptures and the study of his own technological techniques.

From 2008 to 2022 – Professionally engaged in metal sculpture, realizing his creative ideas and creating unique metal sculptures. 2008 – participated in the Eisenart exhibition in Germany.

The peculiarity of Roman Veligursky’s work is the use of iron as a symbolic material that embodies reliability, strength, and durability. He bases the ideas of his works on a combination of emotional expressiveness, texture palette, decor and associative images. Roman’s sculptures are created with great attention to detail and impress with their originality and creativity, which have been embodied and recognized at exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries.

Iron, as a material, inspires Roman to create art, and his sculptures create deep impressions. He considers blacksmithing to be part of the artistic heritage of his people and aims to preserve and glorify Ukrainian culture and art through his work.

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