Ivan Stetsiuk

furniture from cars

Stetsiuk Ivan Mykhailovych

I studied radiophysics at the V. Stefanyk National University in Ivano-Frankivsk, and while studying I was interested in cars and made various interior items from car parts.

I am fascinated by cars and technology, and fortunately my imagination comes up with different functionalities for a particular part or mechanism.
With my products, I was at OldCarFest in Kyiv in 2019, as well as in various interviews, local and national publications. He participated in the project “I do business for moms” with Volodymyr Dantes, and more.

The products are in demand not only in Ukraine but also abroad, some of them have been sold in Berlin, Lublin, and Moldova

“I am inspired by the opportunity to use elements from appliances in interiors and create completely new functionality for them.

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